Descriptions for terms used in the 50skills journeys software



Individual that exists in the Journeys system and can be added to various journeys.

Company Traveller

Term used when referring to the source traveller that lives under the "Travellers" section inside the system. Company Travellers are unique but each Company Traveller can be added to many different journeys.

Journey Traveller

Term used when referring to a Traveller that is currently in a Journey. The Journey Traveller has it's own unique workflow and journey attributes, depending on the journey they are currently in. There can be as many Journey Travellers as possible but they are always linked to the Company Traveller as the source.


Company specific information, configured under the Organisational settings.

Company lists

Source lists that can be used in various functionality in the system e.g. Custom integrations, Custom attributes & Form builder.


The source workflow process that is configured for a single journey, also a container / overview for Journey Travellers where users can add and view current status for each Journey Traveller.

Journey actions

Actions that belong to the Journey source workflow.

Traveller journeys

The workflow that is unique and instanced to a Journey Traveller.

Traveller actions

Actions that belong to an instanced workflow on a specific Journey Traveller.


System users for 50skills journeys.

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